The World of Erda

The Human Imperium lasted 1072 years. Forty-four Emperors reigned in peace, wisdom and splendor and all the lands of Erda were under its hegemony. Arts, crafts, music, magic and learning thrived. Five great wizards took an oath and decided to try to end the curse of man – death.

These five became known as the Great Necromancers, and they practiced their dark arts in secret, for such things were forbidden. Some say their arts corrupted them, some say they already had dark hearts. Their ever increasing lust for power and knowledge drove them to raise a terrible army and unleash it upon the world. Gallantly the armies of the Imperium fought against them, only to be repelled battle after battle until the great capital city itself was sieged and nearly overrun. At the last stand the undead armies were destroyed, but at a terrible price, the last emperor was slain, many great warriors were killed and the Imperial Line was broken.

The fall of man and their once great empire came finally through man’s own greed and the lust for power. Many lords did make claim to the crown and throne for one reason or another, but none would bow a knee to the others. Thus a long period of civil war set in prolonging the misery of the world.

It is now the year 480 of the Fourth Age.

480 years have passed since the fall of the human’s grand empire. The lands are broken, many places are now wild and the former constituents of the once great empire plot, war and vie for power over each other. Many rulers still claim the throne for themselves.

Meanwhile, a plague has slowly started to creep over the lands. Some call it a blight, and the undead and foul things are seen wherever the blight spreads. A general feeling of uneasiness and dread fills the hearts of most people. Trust does not come easy in these troubled times.

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